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We are committed to helping schools grow and thrive, more effectively telling their stories and engaging their staff and families.

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empowered staff are your district’s ambassadors

An engaged staff leads to an engaged school community that is well-positioned to grow. Do you know what the parent experience is when they walk into your school buildings? What about when a frontline staff member answers the phone? Or, how well are teachers able to communicate with families to keep them engaged and involved in your students’ success?

The answers to these questions are vital to your district. The team at Galapagos provides practical and dynamic professional training and development to help your entire team change the mindset of service and experience inside your buildings. We help empower your team to take an active role in the marketing of your district and the engagement of all families.

Sample topics include:


As with all of our services, training topics are tailored and designed for your specific needs. Funds for some training topics may be available through Family Engagement in Title 1 ESSA funds.