What Our Clients Say

“I can’t imagine competing for students in today’s environment using traditional methods and without our partnership with Galapagos.”
— Jeff Gustinis, Board of Education President, Kenowa Hills Public Schools
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Take a bold new position

“Michigan Association of State and Federal Program Specialists (MASFPS) had a wonderful opportunity to engage in a partnership with the team at Galapagos. As an organization we have made it a priority to transition from a more traditional communication system with our members, to a more modern, engaging, and expanded line of communication venues through trending social media and digital avenues.

During our 2018 Summer Leadership and Learning Academy, Galapagos led our board members through a day-long workshop to examine brand positioning statements, value proposition ideas, mission and vision, franchise values, and growth opportunities. Galapagos is utilizing their expertise to completely rebrand MASFPS, build a new web site, and secure a solid social media presence for the 2019-2020 school year. The Board is extremely excited to journey through this process so we can provide effective communication and marketing systems for the MASFPS organization members.”

— Sara Shriver, Executive Secretary, MASFPS


Engage staff to become marketing champions

“The training we received opened our staff’s eyes to their role in marketing our district. Jacqlyn was not only able to engage our staff, but inspire them to take ownership of the experience they provide to our families each and every day.”

— Dr. John Deiter, Superintendent, DeWitt Public Schools

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Turn around a lengthy declining enrollment trend

“I joined the Board of Education at Kenowa Hills Public Schools in 2015. Not unlike other school districts, we were faced with several challenges including years of declining enrollment, which was having a significant impact on our financial stability and fund balance. The negative impact on our financial resources was jeopardizing the board’s vision to provide students with a best-in-class learning environment.  In addition, within and just outside our district borders are several alternative school choices, giving parents multiple options when choosing an educational experience for their children. The consequence of this freedom to choose is competition, requiring us to actively promote and market our district in order to attract and retain students.  

Since we did not have the expertise or resources to do this alone, we engaged Galapagos and collaboratively developed a customized enrollment campaign and strategic marketing plan. We immediately saw results. Just a few years into this effort, our enrollment campaign has been tremendously successful, completely turning around the lengthy declining enrollment trend. The efforts from the team at Galapagos have improved the district’s image, stabilized our fund balance, and given us the financial resources to provide the best learning environment possible for our students.    

The return on investment for our enrollment campaign was over 450 percent, giving us extreme confidence in incrementally increasing the financial resources dedicated to our marketing efforts with Galapagos.  I can’t imagine competing for students in today’s environment using traditional methods and without our partnership with Galapagos.  They are great to work with, very proactive and responsive, and progressive in their thinking. I’d highly recommend them to other school districts.”

— Jeff Gustinis, Board of Education President, Kenowa Hills Public Schools

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Focus enrollment strategies

“Galapagos Marketing systematically identified our stakeholder's key values and provided laser focused strategies to address our declining student enrollment.  The enrollment campaign produced a ROI of $4.59 in its first year and, more importantly, increased our enrollment by 137 students!  We have increased our enrollment only three times in the last 10 years and this was the first year in the last five we have done so. We used to celebrate our many successes with our parents. Now we celebrate our successes with the world thanks to the Galapagos Marketing team.”

— Gerald Hopkins, Superintendent, Kenowa Hills Public Schools